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Fun Facts

Some fun and interesting facts about the Dordogne region!

Le Felibree - Le Felibree Festival
Le Felibree Festival
  • The Dordogne is the third largest region of France at 9060km2
  • There are 33 Parks and Gardens within the Dordogne
  • There are 8 Accredited Golf courses
  • No less than 30 festivals per year, WOW!
  • There are at least 2,000 figures within the Lascaux Caves
  • Each year more than 3,000,000 tourists visit the Dordogne
  • There are an incredible 6,000 tourist accommodations and 1,338 restaurants throughout the region… 9 of these restaurants have Michelin stars!
  • The Dordogne is known as the Valley of a Thousand Chateaux... sadly in actual fact there are only(!) 615
  • The Dordogne offers over 156 kilometres of cycling paths, as well as numerous mountain biking tracks in the forests… Forests which make up 45% of the region.
  • There are 5 departments of Aquitaine; Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Landes, Gironde,  Dordogne, and Lot et Garonne.

"Each year, more than 3,000,000 tourists visit the Dordogne.."

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